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5. Photos

The rights of the photos are secured and may not be used without express permission.

All images from „Power! Percussion „are copyrighted by K. Wildfeuer (Artists and Brands) and may not be used without express permission.

Photo credits:

1.) Start page: DIRK THIESEN / Ralf Hermann / Katrin Wildfeuer, Handmade Custom Drums Germany / Holger Reith, Vision Ears, Ahead Armor Cases / Musik Wein / Curt Doernberg, video screenshot „Goldene Henne 2019: The highlights“ – SUPERLilu Verlag / Jochen Grebe / Jonas Nothof

2.) About Me: The Groovin ‚Pictures (Nils Berger)

3.) Books: Christin Casper / Stefanie Hardt

4.) Blog: Katrin Wildfeuer / Nils Berger / Textoris (Hellweger Anzeiger) / Jonas Nothof / DIRK THIESEN / Ralf Hermann / Timo Weber

The authors of the photos are: Katrin Wildfeuer, Nils Berger, Textoris (Hellweger Anzeiger), Jonas Nothof, Liz Clark, Olaf Telle, Nordevents, Carina Roß, Stefanie Hardt, Christin Casper, Timo Weber


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