I was born in Nordhorn in 1992, grew up in Salzbergen in the southern Emsland and have been playing the drums since I was six.

After graduating from high school, I successfully completed full-time studies at the Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf in 2014.

Then I completed the state-recognized training as a professional musician in the field of jazz / rock / pop and as a qualified music teacher at the Music College in Hanover.

After teaching myself for 13 years, I published my own drum school based on these experiences in 2019.
The books Creative pop & rock drumming 1 (132 pages; for beginners and advanced users) and Creative pop & rock drumming 2 (184 pages; for advanced users +) have been published by tredition Verlag.

In the past I have worked with the following bands / artists / agencies / events, among others:

Die Goldene Henne [TV; MDR] (GER), The World Disney Company (USA), FC Bayern Munich (GER), Silbermond (GER), Liz Clark (USA), Tessa Perry (IRL), Power Percussion (GER), Rückendeckung (GER), Groovin ‚Alps (GER), The Groovin‘ Pictures (GER), Der To (GER), Erdbeershake (GER), The Four Shops (GER), Do Not Dream (GER), Lizzy Dean (GER), Cate Rox (GER) and many more…

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